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6 Tips to Help Conquer Your Long Distance Move

Living in a new, faraway place can be exciting, exhilarating and completely life changing. The actual packing up and moving to that new place? Not so much. Moving is rarely fun, and making a long-distance move can be downright nerve wracking. However, with proper planning and these tips from the exp...

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How to Move a Piano Upstairs

Pianos offer a lifetime of enjoyment to households across the country, but what do you do when you have to move yours up a flight of stairs?  The Tampa piano movers at We Do Moving believe in making the lives of our customers simpler, and here are several steps that you can take to help protect...

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4 Tips for Finding the Right Home in Florida

Home shopping delivers a unique combination of excitement, happiness, stress, and anxiety. As one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, buying a new house or condo requires thorough research. The last thing you’ll want is to spend a large portion of your life savings on a place that isn’t rig...

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