Living in a new, faraway place can be exciting, exhilarating and completely life changing. The actual packing up and moving to that new place? Not so much. Moving is rarely fun, and making a long-distance move can be downright nerve wracking. However, with proper planning and these tips from the expert Tampa long distance movers at We Do Moving, you can make the move as painless as possible.

Hire a Moving Company

Moving far away can be expensive and labor intensive, but not hiring movers can potentially cost you more. The lifting, packing and transportation of your items creates a lot of opportunities for you to damage your belongings, and even worse, your body.

Fortunately, professional movers have all the necessary equipment to pack, wrap and disassemble your belongings. You also won’t run the risk of severely injuring yourself trying to lift large pieces or climbing up and down stairs dozens of time.


Decluttering before your move will actually save you money on moving costs. This is because moving prices are calculated based on how much your items weigh, not just the distance they are travelling.

Make even more money by selling the stuff you aren’t keeping and use it to make your new place even better and fresher.

Keep Essential Items with You

No matter how well planned your move is, there is still a good chance that there will be a gap in time between when you arrive and when all your belongings show up. To save yourself a lot of trouble, keep anything you will need with you when you first arrive, including:  

  • Personal Documents
  • Important Paperwork
  • Personal Care Products, Clothing and Bedding
  • Computer/Electronic Devices

Don’t Pack Food or Liquid

Your move can become messy when boxes are packed with foods and liquids.  In the hustle and bustle of the move, food could become damaged and spill – even leak out of the box and damage your other items.

Liquids can also run the same risk – especially cleaning supplies. Professional Tampa long distance movers will not be able to transport your cleaning supplies, so it’s best to leave them behind and start fresh at your new home.  

Mark Boxes with Your Name

It is common for moving trucks to take items from several customers in one load during a long-distance trip. Taking a few extra minutes to write your name in permanent marker on all your boxes can save you and fellow movers a lot of trouble when it comes time to sort everything out.

Make Sure Your House is Ready

In the excitement and chaos associated with a move it can be easy to overlook some basics including:

  • Utilities
  • Address Change
  • Building Stipulations/Accessibility

For more information about how Tampa long distance moving companies, We Do Moving can help make your long distance move faster and easier, visit our Long Distance Moving Services page.

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